We want to make you aware of a new Washington law that will significantly change animal cruelty case processes for agencies, owners, and prosecutors, effective July 23rd 2023.  HB 1234 substantially rewrites and adds a new section to RCW 16.52.085 (Removal of Animals for feeding and care – Examination – Notice – Euthanasia).

To assist in the implementation of these changes, Pasado’s Safe Haven has compiled a resource page to assist agencies, organizations, and prosecutors, which can be viewed here.

The contents of this resource page include:

  • A side-by-side comparison of RCW 16.52.085 prior to and after HB 1234
  • A clean copy of RCW 16.52.085 as amended by HB 1234
  • Example notice of seizure, forfeiture & bond requirement form with the required owner petition
  • A checklist of notice form requirements
  • An overview reference document with citations
  • HB 1234 overview presentation slides

We also want to bring your attention to HB 1424, another bill that will go into effect on July 23rd, 2023. HB 1424 relates to retail dog and cat sales and Washington breeder requirements.

What you need to know about HB 1424:

  • It removes the exemption in RCW 16.52.310 for breeders who were licensed by the USDA prior to January 1, 2010.   All WA breeders must now comply with WA breeder requirements and limits in RCW 16.52.310.
  • Retail pet stores that sold dogs prior to July 25, 2021, may continue to sell dogs only if they meet newly defined requirements. No retail pet stores can sell cats.  The statue contains new penalties for non-compliance.
  • There are two retail pet stores that continue to sell dogs in Washington: Puppyland (under the jurisdiction of Pierce County) and Alley Cat Pet Center (under the jurisdiction of City of Vancouver)

You can view the May 19th Washington Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies webinar presentation that addresses both HB 1234 and HB 1424 here: 2023 LEGISLATIVE SESSION – Washington Federation (wafederation.org)