In this 4 hour lecture you will learn basic to advanced concepts of lesion identification in postmortem animal forensic cases commonly seen in Washington state, the importance of a forensic focused veterinary pathologist in these cases, why your general veterinarian doesn’t like to be involved in animal abuse cases, samples to collect, and the numerous different veterinary and human laboratories that can be used to discover the cause of death of these animals. $50 per student, $25 for WACA members with current membership

Dr. Watson graduated from veterinary school at University of Glasgow in Scotland, and completed her anatomic pathology residency at the University of Minnesota. She further honed her forensic pathology knowledge while working as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison veterinary school. During her time in Wisconsin, Dr. Watson worked closely with the state human medical examiner, forensic anthropologist, local government agencies, and primary care veterinarians. Since that time, Dr. Watson has worked in comparative medicine research that helps both humans and animals.Dr. Watson specializes in forensic and non-forensic necropsies for small animals, large animals, and pocket pets. Ledgerock Veterinary Pathology was created as a response to Seattle-area demand for high-quality, affordable, mobile necropsy services. Dr. Watson enjoys helping pet owners and veterinarians gain a better understanding of a beloved pet’s death, and prides herself on open communication and being available for follow-up case discussion.

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