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Sara Penhallegon

LVT – Board Director and Founder

She has a passion for animals and from a very young age has carried that passion in her work. She does hands on work with the animals and, as a licensed Veterinary Technician, is able to provide medical care for many of the residents. Sara obtained her wildlife rehabilitation license in early 2012 and has rehabilitated a variety of birds and mammals in the certified on-site wildlife area since that time.

Sara has been in the veterinary field with domestic animals since 1995, and wildlife since 2000. She brings a rich and valuable base of knowledge and skills to CVAR. Before starting CVAR she had 5 years’ experience running a small business in Port Townsend.

Sara and her husband Robert, have 2 dogs, 4 cats, two horses, an emu and 10 chickens; all rescues. Sara enjoys riding her motorcycle, horseback riding, training horses and hiking. She and her husband also live on site as CVAR’s care takers.

This roughly hour-long class will go over animal cruelty in general; but focus on wildlife who often suffer the same fate as many domestic animals but are not considered as victims most of the time.  We will cover basic federal laws and the difference between first- and second-degree cruelty in Washington.  We will briefly touch on the differences in state-by-state laws as well and give contact info for who to contact with questions.  This class was originally designed for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians; most of who have not had to ever work on criminal cases before.  The basic concept of “Animal Abuse and Human Violence Link” will be covered, as well as photographing victim animals and scenes.  Examples of what a cruelty exam should be and what is needed in write ups by the veterinarian/rehabilitator/LVT will also be gone over and why it is important for law enforcement to know what to ask for from these professionals.  Questions are welcome!